General Election 2017

I was delighted to be re-elected on June 9th to serve as the Conservative Member of Parliament in Fareham. Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign. I hope to serve everyone to the best of my ability.

We secured an historic result here in Fareham: 63% of the electorate for the Conservatives which is the highest vote share since 1935 and approximately 5,000 more people voted for me compared to 2015. 

Nationally, the Conservatives won the General Election, gaining the largest number of seats around the country and the largest number of votes. I am pleased that Theresa May has been returned as Prime Minister and am proud to support her as the leader of our country as she begins the Brexit negotiations and the work of government. Of course, we would have liked to have done better nationally, but the election has been a firm rejection of Jeremy Corbyn's agenda for expensive promises and poor leadership.

In Fareham, I hope to continue my work as a second-term MP! As I live in Locks Heath, I enjoy meeting local people in the area when I am back from Parliament. I hope to continue working for local people as their Constituency MP and being their advocate on issues such as local healthcare, housing, transport, jobs and business and education.

Like the majority of people in Fareham, I voted to leave the European Union. I believe that the British people should control our borders, our laws and our trade policy and I support Theresa May's clear plan to create a new relationships with the EU based on co-operation.

Particular thanks must go to Cllr Susan Bayford who was my Election Agent and Campaign Manager, Cllr Tina Ellis who supported the campaign and the members of Fareham Conservative Association who canvassed, delivered leaflets, supported events and made this great result here in Fareham possible. It was an epic team effort.