Suella Fernandes re-adopted as Conservative Candidate for Fareham

As the MP for Fareham for Fareham I have worked hard for the last two years. I have met with local people, community groups, charities, businesses, the armed forces and I have organised events, like my senior citizens fair and apprenticeships events, Broadband Summit, Business Forum and EU Debate for people all over Fareham.

I have helped hundreds of local people who have got in touch – whether it was about problems with pension payments, welfare, issues with housing, healthcare or education – and got great results. For me, this is what being an MP is all about, helping local people and being your champion.

It is a real privilege to represent the people of Fareham, so I am delighted to have been re-selected by Fareham Conservative Association for the general election. I will be spending the next few weeks putting across a positive message about my record as a local MP and what I want to do moving forward.

We need better roads to ease congestion in Fareham. I have worked with national and local government to secure investment for M27 upgrades and the Stubbington Bypass, and I will continue work with the Government to secure further investment for our roads.

I believe strongly in improving health services for local people. I set up a Taskforce to work with local GPs to build a plan for better use of Fareham Community Hospital, by speaking up for patients.

I want to make a success of Brexit. I voted to leave the EU, along with the majority of people in Fareham and the country, so that we can take back control of our borders, our laws and our trade. I am keen to listen to the views of all residents, whether they voted leave or remain, as we seek a new relationship with the EU and a deep and special partnership based on trade and co-operation between friendly neighbours. That’s why I support Theresa May’s plan for Brexit, built on her strong and stable leadership. Every Conservative vote at this election will be a vote to strengthen her hand in the negotiations and in delivering economic stability so that we can support the NHS and our public services with the resources they need.