Visit to ONS

I met staff from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) during a tour of their Titchfield office.

I met with the Director of Census, Ian Cope and team to discuss current preparations for the 2021 Census and beyond. Visiting the ONS Telephone Operations, I heard about the work the team does in collecting information on households and employment, and had a chance to hear an interviewer conducting a survey.  I also met the team that looks at health and life events who spoke about their publications including the changing face of healthy life expectancy in the UK and cancer incidence and survival.

I really enjoyed my visit to ONS’ Titchfield office.  Employing around 1000 people, ONS collects and provides the authoritative data relating to so many matters like health, jobs and home ownership. It was great to meet the ONS staff getting ready for the 2021 Census which many will be completing online for the first time ever. This really highlights the brilliant expertise and brains in the heart of Fareham, serving the country.

ONS Director of Census, Ian Cope said, “We were very pleased to welcome Ms Fernandes to the ONS’ Titchfield office and talk about the work we do here, producing independent, trusted statistics such as health analyses, the Census and surveys of households. These statistics help to inform decisions that affect not just people in Fareham, but across the whole country.”